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Jojada Verrips
AMB Diemen 2013
(isbn 97890-79700-63-9, 56 pp., € 10,00)
Two essays: The first tries to address the laughter of people who humiliate fellow human beings without the intention of redressing them. It is argued that qualifications of the laughing perpetrators of violence as brutish and uncivilized or bestial and satanic are understandable, but misleading. This is so because such qualifications direct attention away from the fact that their malicious laughter is in a sense more normal than one would like to admit, if one looks at this laughter from a specific sociological viewpoint became very popular to use shit in plays, paintings and performances.
The second essay deals with the question whether the artworks of so-called shit artists working in the West, generally speaking, are just a kind of wild manifestation of decadence and the abject, as so many people claim, or that they are meant to convey a particular message about the society and culture in which they are produced. On the basis of the work of the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk and others, the hypothesis will be proposed that one cannot understand this remarkable blossoming of shit in the arts without taking into consideration the fact that we are living in an era of neo-capitalism, which implies a horrific transformation of consumption goods bought with the help of money (this eternal companion of shit) into all kinds of waste and ordure.
Jojada Verrips is emeritus professor Social Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Schadenfreude
  • Excremental art. Small wonder in a world full of shit
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