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Constructing difference, contesting exclusive citizenship in the classroom
Maartje van der Zedde
AMB Diemen 2014
(isbn 97890 79700 69 1, 80 pp., paperback, € 10,00)
Over the past twenty years a major challenge facing Western European nation-states has been to integrate ethnic minorities, which has resulted in often heated debates about how much and what sort of cultural differences are to be allowed in the public domain. Schools, and more importantly teachers, are expected to carry out the twofold task of, on the one hand, reproducing national structures and routines and, on the other, managing cultural differences and socio-cultural inequalities on a day-to-day basis.
In the Netherlands this task has become increasingly difficult in these new realist times in which it has become acceptable to voice one's discontent with the presence of certain ethnic 'groups' and frame them as maladjusted, inherently different from the 'dominant culture', and potentially dangerous. This study is based on ethnographic research conducted at an 'ethnically mixed' secondary school in the city of Amsterdam offering education for the higher levels (havo and vwo).
Van der Zedde shows how pupils and teachers engage in discussions that resonate with current and former public and political debates on Dutch immigrant integration and multiculturalism. Accompanied by rich ethnographic data she analyses how teachers and students deal with diversity in the classroom, or rather, how they fail to deal with it in a constructive way.
This study will appeal to students and scholars concerned with issues of diversity and education, and to anyone who is trying to solve part of the multicultural riddle.
Maartje van der Zedde is a journalist and an anthropologist.
One  —  Introduction
Dutch debates on integration and multiculturalism
The framing approach
‘Allochtonen’ and ‘autochtonen’
The rise of new realism
The demise of multiculturalism 
Setting: The Cartesius Lyceum in Amsterdam
Research population
Research methods
Chapter overview
Two  —  Constructing difference: ‘the problem with “Moroccan” boys’
The problem with ‘Moroccan’ boys
The problems with ethnic labelling
Three  —  National language and its discontents
Language as commodity
Language as an exclusive practice
Language as deviant behavior
Contesting national language
Four  — Performing difference in the classroom: re-appropriating stigmatising labels
The difference between a ‘Turk’ and a ‘Moroccan’
‘I am a Moroccan!’
‘Do you hear what you are saying?’
‘He makes fun of everyone’
Five  —  Playing down differences in new realist times
‘That’s discrimination, isn’t it?’
Playing down differences in new realist times
Contesting exclusive citizenship
: 9789079700691
: Van derf Zedde
: Paperback
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