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Identity construction among video-bloggers with Asperger’s syndrome on YouTube
Ben Belek

AMB Diemen 2013
(ISBN 97890 79700 59 2, 78 pp., pdf. - ebook, € 6,50)

A link in the study of autism from a social science perspective and more generally, in the social study and social theory of disability. It focuses on those individuals who identify as having Asperger’s syndrome by observing and interacting with them through video blogging on YouTube. The central question is: What is the mechanism by which members of the community of video-bloggers with Asperger’s syndrome on YouTube negotiate, re-conceptualize, and eventually transform Asperger’s identities?
This study is a fascinating voyage to where psychiatry, history, technology, society and culture converge. A journey through the human mind and human society, and a lesson on human diversity from which one can learn about the human capacity for optimism and positive visioning, but also about bigotry and intolerance.
Tabel of contents
Background & introduction
Ethical considerations
Description of the field
What do they talk about?
Why post videos?
Is it a community?
What kind of community is it?
A new social movement
Nature vs. Culture
Identity talk in action - discussing emotions
Constructing a new identity
What comes next?
List of references

This study could not have been written, nor could this have been performed, without the extraordinary cooperation, hospitality, and generosity of my collaborators. I was incredibly lucky to have received such a warm welcome. For several months I was striking conversations, asking questions, seeking clarifications, stirring up discussions, and generally consuming quite a bit of my informants’ time and energy. As much as I tried to avoid it, there probably have been times when I overstepped my boundaries, inadvertently offended someone, or demonstrated tactlessness, perhaps even ignorance. Despite this, I have been treated by my informants with nothing but respect, patience, and kindness all along. For this I am absolutely grateful.
As I have mentioned before, my entrance to the community of video bloggers with Asperger’s has quite quickly led to personal relationship with several of its members, with whom I still remain in touch. Furthermore, I have recently uploaded yet another video to my channel, sharing with my collaborators my final thoughts and conclusions, offering to send my thesis to whomever wished to read it, and primarily thanking them wholeheartedly for all their kind help and cooperation. Hopefully, this will not have been the very final note in this interaction, because there is still so much more to be explored and studied if we want to achieve better understanding and communication among the neurologically diverse mankind.
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